Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where're the racial jokes?

We had a Malaysian cultural dinner today. To say the least, it was awkward. Especially the part where half of us had no idea how to sing 'Sejahtera Malaysia'.
Some Malaysians even gave the expression of 'Tush, why am I singing this? So embarassing. So low class.'
At one point of the night, we had Singaporeans singing some random Malay song because they are our friendly southern neighbour. They even proposed a Yum Seng Toast.
What. The. Fuck.
No offence to the kindness, but am I the only person who thinks there's something out of place here?
It's like Koreans singing Japanese songs on the Japanese national day. I mean, it's friendly, but really, out of place.
And, aren't we as Malaysians should propose a toast since it's OUR national day? We have 77 Malaysians in the whole college and you're telling me we can't find anyone to organise a toast but to rely on other people? Not even a friggin' toast?
From a foreigner's perspective, all I've learned about Malaysia is that we can sing our national anthem. Poorly.
And next we are having Australian cultural dinner just because we've had Singaporean and Malaysian night.
What is this, a race? To see who's more patriotic while actually the whole college just want good food?
And for the past days the wind has been crazy. It's like God ate too much sweet potatoes and now he's farting the shit out of the world.
Complain. Mumble. Gibberish.