Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Can I help you sir? Sir?

My iPod shuffle is dead!
It stopped moving since Sunday. My dear old jogging buddy, my best friend. Gone, all gone. Forever.
Oh well, I'll just take it to the Apple store and ask for a replacement since it's still under the one year warranty.
And there and then in the Apple store, I met the perfect girl.
She's not too tall nor short. Slightly tanned. She was wearing a black coat like jacket, with a slight pinkish red scarf.
She's not like super gorgeous with a tall and slim body. Seriously, that kind of women makes me nervous. I wouldn't behave normally nor know what to say to them.
But this girl, she looks just nice. Like drinking hot tea in a cold rainy day, or eating mango gelati in a hot summer day.
Yes, in case you're wondering, we did talk to each other. About Apple. And Macs. And Ipods. And how ugly the workers' uniforms are. She's actually funny. She predicted that the next Ipod after nano would be called Ipod flea.
That cracked me up.
Her voice sounds like the cello playing a G note. I made a joke some how, and she gave my shoulder a light punch.
When it was my turn, I gave my shuffle to the guy. Signed some stuff, waved goodbye to her and left the shop.
And my day just felt less heavy.
I could have asked for her contacts. But then again, I'd like to leave her as that. That perfect girl.
Before I get to know her more and find out that she's a cult member. Or a coffee lover. Or enjoys nothing but shopping. Maybe she's a slut. Or worse, married. Maybe both.
Besides, I might not be the perfect guy to her.
I thought it was better to remember that I've encountered the perfect girl for once, in an Apple store.
Oklah, I'm just chicken. So? So? Piss off!