Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sir, what's the hand held mirror for?

A random question.
When a gal dresses up in an obvious way that she's emphasizing nothing but her bosums, are we suppose to stare at them?
No, don't give me the 'yerr, so disgusting', or 'this guy's so obscene',or 'what obvious way?' or 'Ham Sup!' comment. It's a common thing. Even girls stare at girls' bosums.
If you can't accept this, you're either just a pretender, or you're reading this with your girlfriend.
No, this is a serious question.
Let's explore the girl's mentality. It's late in the evening, she's wondering what to wear. Of all the clothes in her wardrobe, she picked the one that has a gap as wide as King Kong's ass crack. And while dressing up, don't tell me she didn't look at the mirror and notice that half of her racks are showing. So my point is, she KNOWS that her bouncy twins are halfway in the open.
Concordently, using logic, if she knows they're showing, it means that she WANTS them to be shown.
The definition of 'show': To cause or allow to be seen.
Keyword: Allow to be seen.
Back to the question: are we suppose to stare at them?
Because, looking back at my arguments above, we're pretty much given the green light thumbs up to stare.
But if we actually stare at them, we'll be labeled as perverts. Sometimes I refuse to stare at them till the extent that people ask me: Why are you avoiding that gal's boobs?
It's actually quite confusing. Is there an unknown lost art of breast staring that everyone knows except for me?
I don't know. Help me out here anyone? What is the most appropriate way to approach this situation?