Sunday, September 04, 2005

Stop staring at my bulge thank you.

Check out my seat number. And of course, the erm, new found glass.

Went to the Melbourne Symphony again.
This one time I decided not to bring my camera, we got seats up front. When I said up front I mean 7th row from the stage.
There're pros and cons. When you're sitting up front you can't actually see the whole orchestra. From where I was sitting I could see this really FAT violinist flabbing her arms. Her breasts touches her waist line. No, seriously. Not kidding.
They played Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.5 Emperor and the 70 minutes long Symphony No.7 by Bruckner.
Parky hissed at this woman in front that fell asleep.
I was thinking, maybe she has cancer and her last dying wish was to watch Bruckner one last time and that she was passing out.
That theory fell apart when she woke up and dug her nose.

I wondered: Is it possible that there are some psychotic serial killer in the audience? Like, that was their warm up song and after the show they'd go out and hunt for fresh blood.
I like this whole 'having McDonald's for dinner then rush off to arts centre for symphony' routine.
Makes me feel less like a faggot.
And did I tell you that I stole a glass during the intermission? They were providing free water and I just knicked the glass cup.
Cheapest symphony scum ever. Haha