Sunday, September 18, 2005

Why'd you say no you bloody idiot!?

Even though the aliens from nippaland are attacking, we're gonna dance all night.

Advantages of going to a ball alone without knowing anyone:
1. No worries about arriving on time, because no one gives a shit.
2. Don't have to wait for your date. (trust me, it's a MAJOR relief.)
3. No need to compliment your date's hair, dress, make ups etc. even though you thought she looked ridiculous.
4. You can just stare at girls and not worry about people calling you a pervert because, YOU ARE A PERVERT! Who are you kidding? You're alone at. a. ball!
5. You can spill water on the lady next to you and not feel guilty after 10 minutes. Because you know you wouldn't see her again.
6. If their partners can't dance, you can go up to random girls and ask them to dance with you. Because, hey it's a dance ball! Also, you can give their partners the middle finger.
7. Make up names for yourself. I told a girl my name is Ethan Kok and I'm studying Theology in Melbourne University.
8. Again, you can step on your partner's feet on purpose because you wouldn't meet them again. Well, at least not the ugly ones.
9. If your partner can't dance, you can laugh at her and make up random step names to confuse her.
10. Touching. Random. Girls. And it's totally legitimate! I mean, hey, you need to touch them while you're dancing right? right? Whoa, what's this? Someone kicked down my door! Police? NO! NO! It wasn't me! It wasn't me this time! Nooo-