Saturday, September 03, 2005

You crying on the tram, boy?

With a constant stabbing of cold wind, the sun couldn't have possibly prevented the day to be cold yesterday.
I was waiting at the tram stop, returning from enquiring the cost of printing 350 books aka Satadal aka the college yearbook.
While feeling contented at my progess, this anger of not having this year's Satadal devoured my mind. I also thought of some flying squirrels. And giant muffins.
Until I noticed this girl staring at me.
Not ANY girl, this girl is hot(hubba hubba hot). She's as tall as me, perfect complexion, with watery eyes, and straight, shiny, long black hair. With a slight curl on the forehead.
I'm too old for this 'oh what should I do' shit, so I stared at her dead into the eyes (what's up hot stuff?).
And she looked away with a blushed face (aw so cute...).
Could it be? Could it possible be, that after a whole month of jogging and dieting, I'm getting more attractive? Could it be, that women now sees me as a normal human being instead of a mutant from the X-men academy?
Maybe. Maybe now I can experience some spontaneous affair that will lead into a romantic drama which only happens on the movie screen. Or my dreams.
When things couldn't get any better. Her friend arrived. Not ANY friend, this friend is sexy(hummana hummana sexy).
She whispered something to her friend and then BOTH of them were staring at me in an absolute engaging way.
And I thought: Threesome.
I decided to talk to them. Before that I reached into my pocket and switched off my iPod. Because you know, it would defeat the purpose of talking if I were to keep listening to music.
And then I heard what they're whispering about.
" How can he wear shorts in this cold weather? Crazy"
" I think he has enough fat to stand the cold. Heheheheh."
" Hehehehe. Oh shit look at his legs! They're hairless!"
" Fuck me, does he shave?"
" That's gay. That's SO gay, and so wrong!"
" Hahaha. Fat and hairless. Rememeber that time......"

I turned on my iPod. Got on the tram, went home, took a shower, shaved, and beat the shit out of tiger.