Sunday, April 09, 2006

Might not be that funny if you're a banana

Me: Hey, go watch Crash. Super good movie.
X: I saw the trailer. So so only.
Me: Well...Vendetta's trailer was shit.
X: okla, better than Final Destination 3.
Me: Yea fuck, what 'This time, death will finish them'.
X: LOL, yea the tagline. Hahahahahha. I could hear my brain let out a small dry laughter. Haha. Hahah.
Me: My brain just shut down.
X: 这次,死亡会干掉他们
Me: Hahahah. Yea, but if it's in Taiwan they might make it sound cooler. 这次,死亡将会是他们的终极终点
X: Hahaha. This is good. What's the Chinese name for this movie anyway? (searched for 23.13 seconds)

死神来了。(Here comes the God of Death.)

X: There's another one, 绝命终结站. But still cheap.
Me: But translation wrong what. Then it becomes 'Lethal Terminator Station'. HAaa HAhahh ahaha.
X: Ahahahahha. But damn classic. 'Here come God of Death'.