Sunday, April 23, 2006

Time OUT

The new eye cutting knife, by Ikea. $19.90

Seems like everytime I go somewhere, I'll end up finishing a book or a movie. I don't know why, some strange habit I have.
Or maybe I'm just sad and lonely.
Anyway, I got hold of this book because of Stan, my Copywriting lecturer. He used the first paragraph for a writing exercise.
This books, is simply sick. And awfully real.
As in, I can imagine somewhere in Japan, people are going through identical lives, suffering from the same problems.
Ok, so the story is about 4 women working night shift in a bento box assembling factory. They live different lives with different families, but suffer from similar reasons to work for that extra money during odd hours. Unhappy yet common lives.
Your attention gets sucked in when one of the lady accidentally killed her abusive husband. And after telling her friends they decided to help her getting rid of the body...
No, it's not as simple as you think. More people got involved along the way, and more perversive human behaviour unfolded.
I'd recommend it for people above the age of 23. Which I am not. But I'm already screwed in the mind since 8 anyway.