Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 1

2006 AGidea conference. I think I shat in my pants.

1. Shelley, the prettiest/hottest lecturer gave me her lecturer pass to the 3rd day of the AGidea conference. A normal ticket costs $400. It's a reward from all the staff for my nomination. I was walking around as a RMIT lecturer the whole day.
2. Shook hands with John Warwicker, co-founder of Tomato, which handled design for Adidas, Sony, Asahi TV etc.
3. Found out John was an ex-Underworld member. Found out that Underworld is in fact, the founders of Tomato.
4. Bumped into an ex-lecturer, Karen. She knew about my nomination and introduced me to her senior lecturer as 'young, very talented and dedicated'. Cough.
5. Witnessed the presentation of Shiro Nakamura, creative head of Nissan Motors, responsible for the Fairlady Z.
6. Walked late into my tute while the whole class applauded.
7. Several first or second year students walked past me and whispered: Is that Harvard Wang? Is that Harvard Wang?
8. Lots of handshakes.
9. Still not in the mood to do my 2000 word personal project proposal for semester 2. Due tomorrow.
10. Had 10 hours of sleep for the last 48 hours. And still haven't prepared for my Japanese conversation test tomorrow.