Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Don't judge a meat by its colour

I'm not that brave, actually. I'm chicken.

Sweet and sour pork. Then again, I have to replace the pork with chicken for Omar. It was sweet. It was sour. Enough said.
Presentation today. I don't know, but it has reached a time that I just want to finish everything and get this semester done with.
I didn't care much about the presentation.
But there's nothing else to occupy my mind either. Reconfiguring the router at 6am seemed normal. Eating onigiri's from Unimelb union house seemed normal. Drinking nothing but orange juice for the last 3 hours seemed normal.
I guess there's nothing interesting to write about because I've been too self absorbed that I didn't get to observe much lately.
I apologize.
Shit, can't believe I actually said that. I sounded as if people actually cared about what I write. As if I'm a big shot writer or something. That's so not me. Bleh.