Sunday, May 14, 2006

Final Destination 4: The toilet

Here's your weekly dose of stupidity: Supermodel fell out from bus mistaking the exit door for a toilet door.
"It is lucky that I'm alive." she said. Not for mankind it's not. In fact, I think she cheated death. Death will 'finish' her eventually.

I was down at 7-11 buying some chocolate milk. There were like a bunch of college students, piss drunk coz today's rowing day.
They were looking for cheese to melt on their doritos. In 7-11. At one point a guy was trying to get a slurpee when the sign said 'out of order'. And then this girl entered the shop and yelled,
'Aaaaah! Why is it so bright in here? My eyes hurt! Turn it off! Why is it so BRIGHT? I can't stand it. NoOooOoo!'
I think that's when my brain snapped and I felt like stabbing their eyes with a pencil and light a cigarette in the wounds.
Maybe Ah Pu can spit in them as well. Then we'll dance around the burning corpses and wait for sunrise while holding hands.
So romantic.