Sunday, May 21, 2006

I miss you, Thomas Edison

You are not a tiger, you are not a tiger...

Blackouts are fun. Oh, so fun.
Tiger was pretty afraid. I was alone in the apartment. We spent like 10 minutes freaking out, doing the robot dance.

And then we got extremely bored.
We started to think about how cavemen cope with their lives like this everyday. But then again, that was their optimum lives.
That's because we've got lamps now, we can patronise the people without lamps 10 000 years ago.
Maybe cavemen back then used to think: Hmm. I wonder what's life without leaves going up my ass? Rocks would've hurt.
Speaking about patronising, I overheard this girl in a restaurant talking loudly about how GREAT Ramli Burgers are.
"OH MY GOD IT'S SOOO GOOD! They have this THING call the DOUBLE egg SPE-SHELL that's SO fattening!"
" I tried it in this CAMPUNG and THEN got food POISONING. But IT'S SOOO GOOD! RIGHT? Malaysia's COOL!"
Yup, Singaporean. And she's sitting across her two Malaysian friends while her Angmo boyfriend seemed as clueless as another Singaporean who's pretending to know what she was talking about.
She's was so loud that even the table next to Justin and I were chuckling while we shake our heads together.
Ramli Burgers, aren't good. We like it because it's so crap. And well, because we can't afford McDonalds.
Stop patronising. You don't even know what's in a Ramli burger. Like I have no idea how cavemen entertain themselves in the dark.