Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just because of my glasses

This guy came in for a guest lecture. He is, in fact, the husband of the head of the Advertising faculty. Then executive Creative Director for JWT Taipei, now retired as a painter.
He was mainly responsible for the 2 minute Ford Motors commercial during 2000 which featured Charlotte Church and her 'Just wave goodbye' song, if it rings any bell.
This guy actually co-wrote that song. Oh, and the commercial cost 7.5 million USD to make. It was shown around the world.
They did what the industry would call a 'road block'. Which means, at that exact time, whichever channel you chose, you will see the exact same commercial running.
Pretty cool shit. Anyway, the interesting thing I was gonna talk about, is when he tried to show this commercial on tape.
And then they couldn't work the TV out. He asked around: So who's the techno whiz in the class?
And I thought: whichever name that's gonna get called out, he/she must be a sad, sad person who needs love.
Simultaneously, half of the class yelled out my name.
"Try embarassment. Take one tablet of humiliation mixed with your confusion, and take a deep nap."
No, this is really something that I'm still going WTF about. Because, I don't talk much to my coursemates. I don't know half of their names. Maybe the only thing I did to solve a technical presentation crisis the last time, was to replace the headphone plug into the headphone slot when it was in the mic slot.
So, suddenly I'm the techno whiz.
And do you know what was wrong with the TV? It was on standby. All I needed to do was to press the > button.
You know how they say that IT is so dead? How technology based course are so post 9-11? Fuck that shit.
There's still a lot of dumb people out there. And technology is still king. Technology, controls you. And you. Maybe not you.