Tuesday, October 03, 2006

5 years later

Distance can still be so romantic.

This must be my 5th time watching 'In the mood for love'. There wasn't any shock of it being part of my Asian Cinema screening.
Somehow this movie portrayed 'broken relationship' in such a cool and beautiful way that it screwed me up badly.
Perhaps being a broken man before like Tony Leung in the movie, I've been waiting for another broken woman like Maggie Cheung.
Maybe that explains all the 'Harvard how come you have so many girl friends, but no girlfriend lehhhh?'
Or 'Harvard, why you always attract attached girls one horrrr?'

I haven't found my broken girl, that's why.
Maybe instead of a 'Omygawd we are so meant for each other' kind of girl, I prefer the 'I like you but nothing will happen coz this is not right' kind of girl. Sick, I know.
Having realised my previous girlfriend was, indeed attached while we got together, it dawned upon me that Wong Kar-Wai is a fucker.
He fucking ruined my life.