Thursday, November 23, 2006

Home and away

It's more difficult to jog in Klang. I don't know, maybe it's the humidity. Or the heat. Or the fact that I didn't warm up.
Anyway, I just came back from Roti Bomb and Rojak Mee in case you're wondering what I've done today.
Someone told me the other day that Malaysia's ranked 2nd last in terms of recycling efficiency.


How the hell can we recycle when we don't even know HOW to dispose of our normal rubbish properly?
I thought of that then, and being home now reinforces it. It's like asking for organic vegetables when we don't even have food.
The most common place we dispose of our garbage, without fail, is under the sign 'DO NOT LITTER'.

Anyway. The wedding is going to be awesome. Awesome as in no one, I repeat, NO ONE has any idea what's going on.
I'm practising my smile in case everything goes ape shit. And I like how my mom goes 'guest list?' when we asked her about it.
Stay tuned. I might survive to tell the story.