Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jack Bauer can go fly kite

After this wedding, I can say that 24 is full of shit. With the time Jack went on saving the world and fighting Mongolians with bio hazard weapons, I could only manage a wedding with my family.
Well, there wasn't much screw ups. To start with, I think most people liked my speech although half of them can't understand Mandarin. Well, chinky ching chong to you too.

I guess the highlight of the whole week would be the night before. My mom had her sister to perform these Chinese ritual thing. Praying to the God of Heavens(when the direction was clearly the living room fan) and such.
Apparently the parents of both my brother and his wife needed to join the rituals as well. Well, it was something new to everyone.
What they didn't know, or remember, is that the bride's mom is a Catholic. And she's NEVER knelt in her whole life.
Looking back it sounded ridiculous, but everyone saw the face of the mother when she got up. But it was an awkward moment since the crowd kinda got the idea.
The best part was, I was asleep in the corner.
Yup, you heard me. So you can imagine at one side of the house there's this big crisis, and you have the guy's brother passing out on the sofa on the other.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed other parts of the week: driving my sister in law's family to Klang to show them the Indian she-males.
Observing the relatives that stayed at my place: At one stage there's this lacy underwear hanging on the basin. It turned into a huge grandma parachute the next day.
Pretending to be busy: You just sweat a lot, look left and right, and move faster than normal. People won't disturb you that way.
Making fun of the relatives, especially the ugly ones. That's the only way we stayed sane through out the whole event.