Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Now that everything's finished, nothing has begun.

Today felt like Friday.
I was running late to take photos of some of my classmates. The sky was raining. And it felt as if the exhibition never happened.
A whole semester's worth of planning and meeting up and arguing and designing and following up and worrying, poof, gone.
And then I had to take photos.
Apparently I'm getting paid by RMIT to take photos of some of the students regarding their final projects.
You can see more of them here. (Due to copyright issue I was advised by lecturer to take it down from my phlog.)

Now that the exhibition's over. I can finally sit down, and bitch. and whine. and throw myself into self pity.
Someone told me that maybe after I've finished everything I'd realised the shit I've been through and start crying.
Someone was right.
Now I feel extremely pissed of how I got treated by LBHK. The fact that my plan is completely ruined.
You know how when you have a plan and you imagine how your life will cruise through according to that plan? Well, fuck that.
And now everyone's giving me sympathy stare telling me 'you'll find a better job' without knowing so and the exhibition reminded me of how difficult it is to get a job and the fact that everyone else is getting offered a job but me because the whole faculty assumed that I don't need a job since I'm going to Hong Kong which I am so totally not and fuck you LBHK for giving me shit which I thought was chocolate and totally stuffed it down my throat and choked on it and the whole world stinks.