Sunday, November 19, 2006

We close in 3 minutes sir-AARGH

A touch of button in photoshop and you can create an architectural landscape picture from a photograph.

Sandra's dying on me again.

So I've applied for this other position in an agency right. I've sent in my CV and stuff with my phlog address attached to it.
What I didn't expect, was the creative director to link through my phlog through this actual blog, which if you've paid attention, sound like a whining little girl going loose with the word 'fuck'.
That, or she's just google'd my name. Surprisingly this blog appears 2nd on the search result if you do so.

The good thing about finishing university: Babies don't sleep as well as I do. In fact, I think I sleep longer than babies.

Anyhow, Omar and I were dashing into Borders at 10.57pm to take advantage of their '35% off with 5 books' offer.
It was an interesting experience, picking books within 3 minutes. Paid 30 dollars for 3 books. Great day.