Thursday, February 15, 2007

Godiva chocolates

"Hello Harvard!"
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
Very funny.
"Are you alone?"
I'm trying to cook.
"Oh, so you ARE alone? Do I hear a girl in the background, or is it just the TV? What are you cooking?"
It's the TV. I'm cooking curry.
"Oh well, my wife and I are going out for dinner."
That's great.
"Talked to your brother just now. Apparently his wife was cooking oysters and vermicelli to celebrate."
Wow. Yeah.
"Your sister's in Sydney right? Isn't she attached as well? Do you know how they're celebrating tonight?'
No idea.
"Oh well. I'm sure being single has its advantage. You can always keep the curry for lunch tomorrow."
Uh huh.
"Alright. Just felt like talking to you. We gotta run now. Reservation's at 8pm. You take care ok? Talk to you soon."
Alright. Bye dad.