Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stick to the road

There lied a point in my life, which I subscribed to become a Fitness First member before it even opened.
I remember getting pestered by the promoters in Melbourne Central everyday and eventually throwing my hands up.
I admit signing a contract without even knowing what I signed for since the whole document was in fine print.
The guy literally said sign here, here and give me your account number. I think that's worse than dealing with a lawyer.
So eventually the club was officially open. The moment I walked out of the 4th floor, I decided to cancel my subscription.
Something like your first time walking in a casino, you have this feeling whether you'll fit in or not. In my case, it's the latter.
I only remember this massive quote that says 'motivation gets you started; habit gets you going' or something like that.
I thought that's really true. So why the hell am I going to pay you 70 dollars a month, just to remind me of that?
Fortunately the cancelling part wasn't as bad as I assumed. They charged me for the first month I didn't attend.
I walked up, complained, got my refund and never heard from them since. Which was weird, because I always thought that getting out of a gym club was more difficult than cutting ties with a mob squad or a pimp: 'You can run, but you can't hide!'

I still bump into them from time to time. The muscle infested evangelists of Fitness First giving out free sessions vouchers.
And why the hell do they always look so shocked when you decline: Why not? I can't believe this! But it's free! Give it to your friends! They will thank you for that!
Sometimes, I think it's unfair to rate Singapore as a kiasu country. Fact is, everywhere's the same.
Or they've just hypnotised the whole world.
Anyway, the point is that, if you've ever joined one, you'd agree with the
10 things your fitness club will never tell you.
Get out of there, now.