Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Truck full of mandarins tripped in China. Villagers frantically pick fruits.

We have a new 'rich for nothing' neighbour.
He's built this gigantic house opposite. That I understand since that's what normal rich people do anyway.
What I can't understand, is him building a small 'pondok' for guards, guarding his house. Well, it's a big house, but it's not a mansion. It's like having a guard for an ATM.
Basically the guards don''t even have time to inform the house of any danger, since the booth is 2 metres away from the entrance.
That, and they've bought a smart car. Why the hell would you need a smart car in Malaysia, in Klang?!!
What, the kancils aren't frustrating enough to evoke pain and false hope when you're looking for parkings?
Save me some crap if you're thinking 'for the environment'. They have like 5 other diesel, 3 litre piece of pumping batmobile.

Was out drinking coffee yesterday. The mobile paper man was selling the local Chinese paper with the headline:
'Majority of female juvenile delinquents are non-virgins. 1 out of 778 interviewed bears no sexual experience.'
So, what's the problem here? Do we need to 'revirginise' the girls? Is there even a point with the headline?
Some fathers are probably going 'girl, are you still a virgin?' over the breakfast table as I type. Or worse 'dad, what's a virgin?'

On the other side of the newspaper, The Departed won best director and best picture. Ptui. Well, I'm glad Scorsese got an oscar and all. But he shouldn't have with The Departed. Not with someone else's story and concept.
Apparently the announcer said it was a remake from a 'Japanese' movie. I can imagine all the aunties in Hong Kong yelling 'Charr Siuu Paooo~!' in anger.