Friday, May 25, 2007

1 friend, 2 days sick leave and 4 movies later

Thanks to blogger's sophisticated time keeping, I am well aware of my absence for 12 days from the blogging world.
First of all, I blame my sloth.
Then X for visiting Melbourne with his family prior to his graduation today in Sydney, then the flu.
Especially the flu, because I remember taking the flu vaccine 2 weeks ago. Proves that flu vaccination works fuck wonder.
Also, the Sydney branch of the agency I work for lost a major account and had retrenched 40+ people.
Everyone's kinda jumpy but they can fire me for I care. I miss being a bum after getting a 2 day sick leave.
Nevertheless, I had heaps of fun watching all the DVDs I bought and intended to watch but never got around to.
And someone need to say this: Spiderman 3 sucks like an Electrolux. We watch it because we are all so dumb.