Monday, July 02, 2007

My real thoughts about the Silver Surfer

It's a dumb movie you think. Well, think twice. It's a movie of propaganda. It's fooling with your subconscious. I think America is depicting Silver Surfer in the movie, as the Chinese. Proof:

1. Wherever the Silver Surfer goes, the place will 'die' within 8 days.
Exactly how I feel about Chinese migrants in foreign countries. Wherever they go, they have to build Chinatowns, introduce Cantopop, and charge you extra for 'unlocking' your phones. Not to mention the unwillingness to speak English, breaking down any form of culture the original country possesses.

2. He claims to have no choice.
I had to protect my own planet. My country is too small. There's too many people. It's too competitive. It's for my country's own good. I have no choice. Bah, excuses. Notice how they only whine while you tie and beat the shit out of them?

3. The source of the Silver Surfer's power is his surfboard.
Hello? Fuel consumption? In the movie the whole world is after his surfboard because whoever has it dominates the world. Meanwhile, in reality, America and China are banging heads for fuel lines. Coincidence? I don't think so.

P/S: Bear in mind that I wrote this under stress and should not be hold account for any insult towards the Silver Surfer.