Monday, December 03, 2007

Big surprise. China makes pirated ads.

Photo via MadisonBoom.

So Adidas had just revealed their Olympic 2008 campaign. Great visual, ok idea, but wait! Why do I have that tingling sensation that made me squint?
It's probably because Visa's got the same ads for this year's Commonwealth games. I tried to make a search but this is all I've got:

You can imagine the briefing from the client: Ok, we want EVERYONE to be part of the games. And the agency went back saying: Ok, this is how we show EVERYONE is part of the games. SOLD!
I thought the ads looked terrible then. But now you can really see how far art direction can carry a so-so idea.
Who knows, maybe the Adidas campaign still suck. Just that I'm already immune to the taste of shit.