Friday, August 15, 2008

Am I sadistic?

It's pretty sad when a grown man cries.
It's kinda worse when a grown man cries and shouts in the middle of the alley at 12am in the morning.
I just can't help it but open the balcony door during this freezing cold weather and eavesdrop while snickering to myself in the corner.
Basically Jeremy* is having an argument with his 'slut' girlfriend.
And he is now shouting 'I have my own mind! I don't need you!'
Well, the sobbing and tears called your bluff, dear.
Oh wait, now he's saying 'What? You run away you coward! You think running away can solve your problem? You bitch! Don't ever come back! I don't even love you you lying cheating bitch!'
It's really more convincing if you weren't crying, Jeremy.
Does that ring a bell of your old cozy apartment in IH, Parky?
Also, did I mention I just enjoy crying Singaporean men? All the army training has really toughen them up.

*Might not be his real name. I made it up to make the incident more entertaining. The accent is unmissable though.