Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I think about when I think about Murakami.

It seems inevitable for me to write a post about Murakami at least once a year, because somehow he's managed to release a book following that time frame.
His latest book, titled 'What I talk about when I talk about running' is a journal/memoir that spanned across ten years in the making(with the German version having the best cover) of his life dedicated to running.
After reading it, you really do get a feeling that he does take everything seriously and he obviously work in his own pace. And then you realise there're normal writers who just make up stories to include in Lonely Planet, and there's Murakami, who thinks without a physical strength to finish a full marathon one could never endure writing a novel. It's not really a self help book, but a plain black and white, progressive ups and downs of his life as a runner.
Tears almost swelled up for me at the part he decided to include on his tombstone, 'At least he never walked'.
I used to refuse to date anyone who's never read Murakami's before. Realising that Tohm's probably the only person that would be interested in his new book I think I'll really have to compromise on that.