Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I think there're 2 types of camera owners: The Radicals and The Professors.

The Radicals are your typical emo friends who are still attached to their film cameras. Ask them and they can probably tell you the true concept of ISO and demonstrate how to develop films in their toilet turn dark rooms.

The Professors are just a bore. I remember being a part of a conversation a few years ago regarding how the 'chip' inside an Olympus is different to a Canon and why combined with a 12x zoom, I could get a better value by paying 40 dollars less.

I have to say generally the radicals take better photos. But just like any artists who are constanly high/ refuse to go commercial/ think they're too good/ think they're not good enough, you seldom see their work.

Professors, however, with their infinite knowledge stored in their massive frontal lobes, constantly bombards you with their 'masterpiece'. Essentially they are just wankers. They know what a good photo should look like, they can explain the golden rules to you, but the best thing they can do is to replicate instead of create. Their whole fondation of photography is built on rules.

So there're only 2 types of camera owners: one that always want to be different; and the other that always want to be better than you. If you draw a 'Venn' diagram, you can probably see 50 million Asians trapped in the middle. And they're shooting the same thing.