Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dodo rere.

I've never been to Flower Drum(for dinner).
It's constantly voted as Melbourne's best restaurant yes, I know. But somehow it's become a worn off novelty.
Like that hot chick who's aged through time but still hooks up and spews with spoilt brats every Friday night which you kinda sympthise more rather than feeling envious after a while.
So when my brother decided to cancel our reservation for his visit coming October, I actually felt relieved.
Not only because of the point above, but also because when I made the reservation the first time, my attendee's name was Mimi.


I don't know about you. Mimi sounds like a hostess that sells Tiger beer in a run down KTV of a deserted HK shopping mall after 2am with a birthday cake of a make up and mismatching stockings underneath her slightly ripped mini skirt.
Somehow, Flower Drum's managed to turn me off before my first word through the phone. But boy how am I so glad to cancel that reservation tomorrow.