Monday, September 15, 2008

Good game.

If you somehow managed to train the hamster on the wheel of time(if such wheel exists) to run backwards, you might've caught a glimpse of my life in foundation studies with Allen, who just came back for a brief visit.
We were probably hanging around JB Hi-Fi or the Apple shop along Elizabeth Street salivating over the 2nd generation iPods, having lunch at this now non existing cafe 433. (He always have the stir fried beef noodles, and I favoured the pineapple fried rice.)
Him the top student aspiring to be a car designer; me not paying any attention to any subjects unrelated to advertising.

So you can probably imagine 5 years later, how surreal it was that we're sitting across each other sipping hot chocolates.
I'm working in advertising. Check. He's finished an internship with Mercedes Benz in Japan and heading towards Germany to concrete his path in motor vehicle design via doing a masters degree. Check.

Being harsh to ourselves as well as being encouraging, tonight was the night we realised our dreams came true. For that brief moment, the hot chocolates weren't as sweet as our own acknowledgements towards each other.

And then the hamster started to run forward again.