Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Two not only to tango.

After rewatching the first 20 minutes of Crying out love in the center of the world, it dawned on me why women cannot get the romantic relationship they want. The charming, witty lines from Hollywood.
They fail to see that in order to have a memorable relationship, both parties need to have equal contribution of romantic input.
I'm not talking about normal relationships here, I'm talking about remarkable ones. And to do that, both the guy AND girl need to be creative. You both need to be witty, you both need to take risks.
Let's start with a very basic example:

Guy: Dancing is just a conversation between two people.
Girl: Talk to me.

Now that(in my humble opinion) is an awesome line from the guy.
Yet it's the girl's response that completes the magic. The guy could have said 'Do you want to dance?' and the girl could simply say 'yes'. But he took a risk and recite something completely different. Imagine the girl going 'huh?', then the whole cookie crumbles. But no, she took the wit aboard and played along. That's what makes it memorable.
You can't just stand there and expect to get charmed. The worse carwreck of a courtship possible is between a charming guy and a giggling bimbo.
I guess I'm just trying to say, with aid of some red wine, that women need to try as hard as men to make their relationships remarkable.
If your man comes up with something creatively romantic, instead of thinking 'yea now you deserve me' like grading a test paper, you need to match the creativity. Then you'll start living a romantic relationship and stop craving for one from TV.