Sunday, January 18, 2009


I think the way I cook is not too different from how I think and design as I tend to complicate things as time goes by.
This whole dish started out as a broccoli pasta, with the main ingredient being, well, brocolli. ($1 for 2 stalks at Vic Market.)
I then decided to add some prawns to have an in-between texture between the soft pasta and the not-so-soft broccolli. And with prawns come garlic and with garlic comes chili, just to fulfill my Malaysian stereotype.
And then I thought I probably need some saltiness to balance and diced some bacon into the pan.
To top things off, I chose the farfalle bow tie pastas just out of curiosity.

The end product is some sort of alien pan-asian italian stir fry. I wasn't even sure if I should grate cheese or simply add soy sauce on top of it.
But hey, I am having the leftovers for brunch now and my stomach ain't complaining.