Monday, January 19, 2009

Why fitness centres would go bankrupt if more people were to read this.

I remember telling Y when we were in high school tutoring for physics or whichever subject that proved redundant in my later years, that the reason I stayed fat was that I couldn't deal with the disappointment.
I told him, what if I lost all my weight and still ended up being exactly the same? I needed a reason for being miserable, and during high school obesity was my perfect alibi for happiness. He laughed so hard that I figured I might as well outlaugh him since he would never believe I was being serious.

7 years and 15kg later, here we are. I decided to lose weight not because I wanted change, but because it was convenient and my doctor advised me to do so. But factually speaking, things stayed the same if not worse.

Let's start with the shallow No.1: Before losing 15kg, I've got a girlfriend; after losing 15kg, single and miserable. Some of you might cringe on that, some of you might question her taste, but a fact is a fact.

No.2: I've lost my niche. I've lost the 'wow' factor. I used to be the fat guy who could run/sing/dance/tell jokes/ listen to music/ take photos/ do multiplication/ whatever you think a fat guy will never do except eat and sleep. Now I'm just an Asian with glasses.

No.3: When you're fat, girls talk to you. They might pity you, but they talk to you. Sometimes they end up falling for you because you're so sad and pathetic that they feel safe with you because there's NO WAY you could ever cheat on them. Now I'm just an Asian with glasses.

No. 4: Even Christians don't give me pamphlets anymore because they no longer think I need salvation .

No.5: Since they charge $15 per kilo overweight at the airport, my mass value has gone down by $175 whenever I fly.

No.6: What, at least I'm healthy? I'm as alive now as 3 years ago, and now I have Patello-Femoral Joint pain on my knee.

I could go on but you see the point. The truth is, looks never made any difference. I see white guys hitting on meaty Asian chicks all the time. And vice versa. It is depressing to conform that it is how you see yourself that makes you a happier person. Perhaps my self confidence has never changed since 7 years ago.