Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A post on love.


Today I encountered a girl who resembles my first girlfriend in primary school. Of course, in reality she's been crowned Miss Chinese Pageant 2 years ago, but if she were to lead a different life and that life encompasses the possibility of residing in this city, she would look like this girl I've encountered today.

She was wearing this scarf. I can't imagine her wearing a scarf, because I remember how she liked the feeling of the breeze on her neck. She liked the swing on the playground. And I would always be the one pushing because let's face it, she couldn't have possibly pushed me. But if she were to develop a fondness in scarfs, I'd say she picked the right scarf.

I hesitated to talk to this girl. In the duration of the red man turning green I've tried different dialogues in my mind. I ended up walking behind her for 3 blocks. I mimicked her footsteps. For 10 minutes today, I was walking at the same pace as the girl who resembles my first girlfriend in primary school.


Don't talk to me don't fucking talk to me don't get near me don't talk to me stay the fuck away go away don't talk to me please go away shit shit shit don't talk to me don't talk to me stay away stay away oh god stay the fuck away.