Tuesday, April 14, 2009

20 staff kicking mo-fo's.

Ironically, the book regarding Japanese architects is only available in Chinese/English at the moment.
And before any architecnophilias start unzipping their pants, this book is pocket size and not up to your normal coffee book atlas scale.
In fact, it's a compilation of 1 to 1 interviews between the author and the architects. No surprising details or plans or elevations of Ando's church or Kuma's water/glass house if you're expecting that sort of stuff.
Reading the articulated, civilized conversations I can't stop picturing Justin's description of how Toyo Ito kicks his staff at work.
Things I gather from obtaining this book: 1) You can get Taiwanese books from www.books.com.tw within a week 2) Most Japanese architects encourage people to work abroad. 3. Successful architects seldom smile on their profile pictures.