Thursday, April 02, 2009

The day I got redundancy made out of me.

The time was 5.20pm. I was showing Ben the final sequence of the MediaSmart video we've been working on. Execpt for the numbers not being in superscript size, I was pretty happy with the progress. He then told me about John being laid off. I was pretty shocked. John could be a bastard sometimes (he replied to my email saying 'stop sending shit around') but undoubtly him and Michael were probably the most creative team in the building. I think I personally asked for the TV script of Christine and stored it in my Collection folder.

By 5.30pm Lucinda came down in tears. Obviously quite emotional and she quietly uttered 'I've just been retrenched' before returning the two bananas to the fruit bowl. Ben and I took turns to hug her, and before I could utter the 'W' from WTF Lee appeared in typical ninja style and announced that I was being expected at the RAPP board room.

At that moment I felt as if I've just been invited to the Jerry Springer show. I couldn't imagine my expression but when I walked passed Matt at the stairs he gave me a face as if I was about to crack an excellent joke.

So I entered the room of death. The HR person from Sydney introduced herself. She might as well said 'I'm the woman who's going to tie your job to a jaguar's neck and give it a good spank in the arse'. (Why do they say 'made redundant' anyway? It's like saying 'created useless'. Look honey! our son's been created useless!) I was extremely calm under the situation. 'Do you have any questions?' Perhaps they'd think I'm Asian hence I might not understand what was going on. "Er, yea, can I say no and pretend this never happened?' I was tempted to ask. So we spent the next half of the meeting discussing how would I fit my stuff into boxes and my files into a disc. Their response of couriering the disc and emailing the boxes generated a sigh in my mind.

By 5.54pm I walked back to my desk and started packing. Ben looked pretty pale. People started to gather and a mini camp fire was formed. Ironic how they most attention I'd ever attract was when I was about to leave. I said my goodbye to Gluben and tried to crack some ironic jokes about the Cannes entry. They took it seriously and reassured that I would get full creative credit if anything were to come out of it. Such professionalism. So by 6.18pm I arrived at the Cherry Tree.

Only then I got shocked at how many people were actually laid off. Apparently John and Micheal, Lu, Sam(11 years), Lucinda and I were among the exiled creatives while Potsy(15 years) and Naomi were the victims from upstairs. I really hope Tucky get spared from the axe because he's on vacation with his family for fuck's sake. If this massacre were to have a message, it'd be 'ain't gonna matter if you're talented, hardworking, experienced, or loyal.' That'd make a great jingle. If I were given a choice to stay on and get layed off, I'd still have a hard time to choose. I wonder what would it be like on Friday's Creative show and tell?

I downed 2 beers at one go and little by little people started to come and bid farewell. Time went past pretty quickly (or was it just the alcohol?) and I managed to give Ben a hug because he was the reason I got my first job and a little homohugging won't hurt. Towards the end Jelfsy helped loaded my stuff into his Manaro and gave me a lift home. I opened up the bottle of Penfolds Bin 128 Shiraz which I saved for special occasion and poured him a glass. It was 9pm.

Flatmate came home and thought I tried to pull an April Fools on him. He ended up treating me dinner. I wonder how many free meals I can score off people around me? General response of my facebook status were angst and sadness. That was nice.

While watching the latest episode of House in bed I was still surprised at my lack of anger. Perhaps subconsciously I saw this coming, or I've been yearning for this to happen? Maybe it's really karma for advertising too many ANZ credit cards to customers in debt?

I'm paralysed at the moment not from fear but the freedom of choice that I now possess. I'll decide on lunch tomorrow after the new episode of How I Met Your Mother.