Sunday, April 19, 2009

Your Facebook tests results show no one loves you.

Because all the tests are full of shit.
In fact, the thought of publishing the results is a testimony of how attention deprived you really are.
First let me say that I do take the tests from time to time. But I've also realised that you have the option to NOT publish the results .
So for the people who goes 'this is wrong' or 'no way!', don't publish them. The reason you click publish anyway, is to convince your friends how pathetically in denial you are with your 72 IQ score.
Furthermore, why would I care if you are supposed to be a 100% lover? You're single! You're not getting any! Impress me when your lover announce that you're a 100% lover.
Thirdly, the tests are made easier for you to score well. So far I haven't seen any test that has an honest result such as: you will mostly not succeed in life. Or, you're a loser and your close ones will contact fatal illness in the future.
In short, no one seems to be noticing that most of the tests work exactly like horoscopes. People seems to relate to all of the positive results and ridicule anything that's negative.
Stop feeling happy about what a computer generated formula thinks who you SHOULD be.
Grow up. Solve real problems.