Friday, July 10, 2009

The dish I almost didn't make.

Ken: Hey so you had dinner?
Me: No, I'm thinking of eating out, been cooking for the last five days. Besides I don't think we have anything left to cook. Let's eat out.
Ken: Nah man, I'm too tired. We're all out?
Me: Yea. (opens fridge) Well we have some meat.
Ken: How about spaghetti?
Me: Didn't we just have that the other day with Japanese curry?
Ken: That's different man, look, we have mince.
Me: Well, I do have tomatoes in a can. Maybe I'll use short pasta and the leftover carrot. Ooh, broccoli. I can dice the stalks too...

If we didn't have that conversation I probably wouldn't have cooked the best tomato minced pasta ever.