Friday, March 05, 2010

Why the city sucks.

The government seriously needs to regulate the street charity hagglers in the city.

How many times do I need to be harassed by people who are working for "non-profit" organizations that are supposedly helping some unfortunate victims or refugees at the other end of the globe?

They show you pictures or give you statistics to sadden your day, and then further guilt-trip you when you refuse to give up your two cups of coffee a week to save 500 million African children. Not to mention the patronizing ones that goes: "You know Angelina Jolie? Yea, she's a super star and she's the ambassador of USUCK as well." Oh wow, Because I'm Asian you need to pressure me with celebrity endorsement? She married Brad Pitt, why can't I marry Brad Pitt?

It's uncalled for to violate us like that. It's emotional rape.

I did not walk out of my apartment today expecting to feel obliged to save the world. For me this no different with hookers coming up to pedestrians offering a wank to inflict lust. If the government can stop that from happening, they need to apply the same pressure towards the charity organizations.