Sunday, August 08, 2010

To spin or not to spin? That is not the question.

If you haven't seen Inception, read on if you like surprises to be ruined.

(Are they gone? Good.)

I never wanted to write a post about Inception because it's too topical. Over the weeks, however, I found out many people, including myself missed out on conceptual plot hole.
10 minutes into the movie, Mr. Japanese, Mr. Titanic and Mr. Cardboard face had a conversation about the probability of incepting. Mr. Cardboard face said something along the lines of ' You can't inject an original idea in to a person's mind blah blah blah, ideas have to from somewhere blah blah blah.'
Having worked in the 'ideas' industry, I can say that's a load of bullcrap. Not the 'ideas have to come from somewhere' part; it's their concept of how people are so noble or respectful of their ideas being 'original'.
We steal ideas all the time. We don't even need dreams to subtlely give us a hint. We consciously think 'that's a good idea, I'm taking it, and I'm making it my own!' And most of the time our minds find a way to justify that. (It's not the same, I change the color from black to charcoal grey!)
Upon realising that, the whole movie simply crumbled for me. There wasn't really a point to dive down dreams to implant an idea in to Mr. Scarecrow; just ask Mr. Hot Lady to forge a heart warming letter from the father and give it to him in real life!
Ok, that's a bit harsh. Let's talk about the important part, the totem.
If you need to argue whether the totem stopped spinning or not, you did not get the point of the movie.