Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creativity is in a weird place.

The older generation advertising creatives, or shall I say the older generation creatives on my Facebook circle are showing an interesting behaviour.
They started to open up and share what they think is interesting or funny.
In the very beginning, out of respect, I find the posts very original, insightful, and omg that's so true.
Just like how I would behave if I were still in an agency, and my senior art directors or copywriters cracked some jokes I've never heard of. You know back in the days when they will dig out some $300 books and show you an interesting article, or some notes they took in Cannes from something funny another Titanium winning ECD said during their Legendary lunches.
But recently, I found out most of their interesting posts come from similar sources, which are dominated by 15 - 30 year old teens. Avid gamers, Gen-Yers that created their own language like trolling, memes, me gusta's, and many more.
These are dedicated websites and forums which I'm very sure my advertising seniors are not a part of. The news just travelled full circle. (Some simply disguised themselves as young people lurking around the websites, which is both sad and creepy but hey that's the internet.)
Which is very interesting.
The baby boomers advertising creatives are now getting pwned by the thinking of Gen-Yers.
The old ways of getting information are being pushed to extinction. No one reads big giant books. No one writes personal notes anymore. We broadcast, we tweet, we share everything we think is funny. And that excludes a lot of older creatives.
I am happy to see the days are numbered for CDs who wants to be cool sitting in their office with their big books and giant moose head.
Now the Gen-Yers just need to grow some balls, work smart and keep their heads away from their asses for a few years.