Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thank you is the future.

I've watched this video possibly five times now. I haven't been sharing it because I didn't think anyone would watch a 60 minute Youtube clip.
Then again I did.
And it was totally worth it.
It is impossible to sum up everything Gary Vaynerchuk said in this presentation but this is what I took out from it:
Everything is going back to the basics, but with the twist of technology aka social media aka the internet.
It still costs less to retain an existing customer than pursuing new ones, but the level of competition and customer indifference is off the roof. (Mainly because the amount of shit ads has also increased a gazillion-fold.)
So we need to do business like how our grandparents did. Remember names, customize orders, hitting customers on an emotional level.
But since big companies have so many customers, how do we reach to all of them?
Gary's tactic here, is to set up a 'Thank you' department, and they follow (stalk)the big customers' tweet / google / facebook, and buy them something special, like, a commemorative signed jersey of the customer's favourite baseball player.
Oh, and also, nobody gives a shit about privacy. That's why the information is out there.
I found a shorter video today that sums up his whole thank you philosophy. But please watch the full hour version. You need to if you intend to survive in marketing in the next 10 years.