Thursday, August 23, 2012

Most designers will hate this.

Dave Trott is possibly Bill Bernbach reincarnated. Well I like to imagine that he is, because he is one of the living greats of advertising. His advertising blog is the only one I have on my bookmark even though I'm not officially in the industry anymore. Ok I lied, the other advertising blog I read is his guest blog on campaign UK.

Spend some time on it, and you'd realise he write in short, concise sentences.
Always based on some insight or anecdotes that somehow magically relates to the industry.
People seems to think he's this genius who could pull random strand of wisdom and make the golden nuggets into a blog post, but I'd like to think it's not all genius. Advertising is all about consumer behaviour, and most of the time his thoughts are very simple and relevant. (Plus I'd like to think it's something I can learn instead of thinking that it's something only a 'genius' can do.)

Anyway, I stumbled across this link today, and it was a talk he gave a few years ago. If you have any interest at all in marketing / branding / advertising, this is so simple yet mind blowing it will change your life. I mentioned on the title that designers will hate this, because he is saying that what we're doing in craft is basically generating impact while the most important question was ignored. I feel so angry that young kids nowadays have access to this for free while I had to sit through loads of bullshit lectures in  uni and none was as insightful as this. 

Even if you're not in the industry, you're bound to learn something new.