Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just Dope It.

Nike has terminated their contract with Lance Armstrong.

I don't care whether he really doped or not.
After Tiger Woods, I don't think the world trusts athletes anymore.

What interests me, is that whether consumers can sue Nike for promoting a flawed role model for the last 10 years. (Suddenly 'Just do it' sounds very, very wrong paired with drug abuse.) And more importantly, can Nike actually claim damage from Armstrong himself, now that his negative publicity delivered a blow to the brand.

Did you buy the livestrong wrist band? I did. Do you feel cheated and stupid now? I do. 

He's had a pretty sweet 10 years with all the money, achieving stardom (married Sheryl Cole while he's at it) and having a whole cancer foundation based on his success.This gif file on the internet portraying how he is feeling right now is gold:

The title means nothing. Without proper punishment, what we're showing is that you can achieve success and wealth with drugs.
Tremendous success in Armstrong's case.

We just need to be smarter and not get caught .. too soon.